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Commander Callon Back at the OSRS GP Temple Knight Base will inform you about an upcoming Treaty renewal ceremony. Security is a concern for the Temple Knights if the Slugs attempt to control important world leaders. However, that would be evident. Instead, you will host the event, and you will be responsible for monitoring guests' strange behaviour.

Because the Temple Knights aren't used to throwing big occasions, you'll have to bring some things such as fancy wine glasses, which you can create, as well as a number of sweetcorn dishes, 6 curries and 5 caviars. The wine glasses can be made out of molten glass. You can make the Sweetcorn dish by making an entire batch of milk and cream. You then add cornflower, roasted sweetcorn and an egg to it. After that you bake it in an oven. There are 3 ingredients. You can buy curries or make your own caviar.

While at the event, be attentive to the guests of the royal family. There will be King Vallance of Asgarnia looking sick. You will find the Black Knight Assasin entering the kitchen through the window. To determine if the fish is poisoned, examine it. Instead of throwing the fish away, Savant can use her magic to save it. Serve it to King Vallance, and he will collapse unconscious. Not dead, unconscious. King Vallance was paralyzed by the altered poison in the fish. The Temple Knights have an excuse to take him away in order to take out the slug.

In the Temple Knight Base, ask for buy 2007 runescape gold/ Commander Callon if you can have a look at King Vallance to see if you can find an option to get rid of the slug. He'll tell you that thanks to the sluglings and the Karamthalu that you brought them, they think they've got a way of cutting the slug's connection to the King. You will see the King recovering and then you can ask him if he still remembers the slug's story. He said that he had dreamed of a cave at sea. Savant will be provided with coordinates for the cave.

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