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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has received an update
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Автор:  rodeoneerer [ Пет Яну 07, 2022 10:11 am ]
Заглавие:  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has received an update

The advanced server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has received an update recently that featured a new hero named Melissa. This rebellious marksman can dish out pain and use Voodoo Dolls, Muddles and Cuddles, for utility.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the Mobile Legends (MLBB) patch notes for Patch 1.6.46 Advanced Server are covered below in the next section. This new release will be making its way to the live server soon, but for now, you can read up the following upcoming changes.

There are also additional adjustments made to the previously-adjusted Helcurt. This patch note will be added with the previous changes made in the advance server that are still not applied in the original server. There are still around 2 weeks more before the next original server update so expect a patch or two more test server updates.

Hero Adjustments

Charged Punch
Extra Movement Speed changed to 60% that decays over 2 seconds
Cooldown Reduction On Hit reduced to 35%
Instant Blast
Dash Damage: Calculation changed to 75-150 + 35% Extra Physical Attack
New Effect: Hitting an enemy hero during the dash grants 30% extra Damage Reduction
Cooldown: increased to 15-12 seconds


Fighting Spirit (Passive)
Extra damage increased to 135%
Physical Attack Growth increased to 12.75


Entropy? (Ultimate)
Cooldown increased to 48-36 seconds


Spectre Step
Cooldown decreased to 8-4 seconds
New Effect: The skill goes into cooldown after the second cast hits (on the first cast if the second cast isn't released)


Leap of Faith
Cooldown decreased to 8-6 seconds
Valkyrie Descent (Ultimate)
Cooldown increased to 56-50 seconds


Revenge Strike
Extra movement speed increased to 25-50%
Execution Strike
Slow effect increased to 20%


Energy regeneration at the Fountain greatly increased
Steel Cable
Energy Cost Reduced Per Successive Cast increased to 2

Patch 1.6.46 is now available on the game’s advanced (test) server.

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