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Her nomadic band roams the plains near South Sea, and she is a fierce woman warrior with a great deal of power. This wandering brings them into conflict with other peoples on a regular basis, and the Amazon is accustomed to fighting to protect her own. This way of life has equipped her with a fierce sense of independence and the ability to withstand extreme hardship and travel. In addition to her proficiency with the bow, the Amazon is also proficient with spears and other throwing weapons, as well as in hand-to-hand combat, making her a formidable opponent for the Rogues. Mercenary services are in high demand, and the Amazon will be loyal to any organization that serves her own interests while also serving the interests of others.

The first paragraph is an introduction.
She should not be confused with a beefed-up Rogue, however, because in addition to being significantly more effective with the bow, she also has the potential to become proficient with D2 Resurrected Items, spears, and even a little bit of magic.

In ranged combat, she is particularly strong, and in addition to being able to fire a bow or throw a javelin, she has the ability to improve the effectiveness of her attacks by imbuing the weapons with various magical effects such as poison, cold, and lightning. Skills such as 'Penetrate' and 'Pierce' in her Passive & Magic tree will increase her percent chance of hitting a monster as well as her ability to strike multiple monsters with an arrow or javelin, respectively. Aside from that, she has six Passive skills at her disposal, all of which are extremely useful to almost any Amazon build.

The Amazon starts out with a slew of javelins in her possession. There are many different types of javelins that you'll come across later in the game, with the more damaging ones requiring more strength and dexterity to equip, as well as different maximum stacks that can be used.

As soon as she comes across a bow, the Amazon can use it to stab or throw, or she can switch to using her starting equipment to stab or throw. She's also good with spears, and a good early spear find combined with a point in Jab can make short work of Act One, though you'll have to work hard to maintain enough mana in the beginning.

Javelin and Spear All of the skills in this tree are associated with javelins, whether they are thrown or used in melee combat.

Due to the fact that spears cannot be thrown, only melee skills will be effective when spears are used. This tree's elemental type attacks are all lightning or poison; there are no fire or cold attacks in this tree, which is unusual for this type of tree.

The following are the different types of javelins that can be found or purchased in Diablo II, but none of them are magical, one-of-a-kind, rare, or part of a Set.

There are only three options: low quality, normal, and superior. Throwing weapons have been significantly improved in the expansion, and there are magical and rare javelins, as well as two unique Amazon javelins, Titan's Revenge and Thunderstroke, to be found. Even though javelins can be used in melee combat, they are designed to be thrown, and as a result, they always deal more damage when thrown (with the exception of the Hyperion Cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected Items and Balrog Spear from the Lord of Destruction expansion, which deal higher maximum damage when used in melee but lower average damage when thrown). In addition, there are a number of skills that are only applicable to javelins that are thrown. The melee spear skills are used in conjunction with javelins or spears.

In terms of melee weapons, javelins aren't bad; they have a high attack rate when used in conjunction with Jab, and they all have a range of 3, which is better than a lot of one-handed melee weapons. You should use a shield when throwing your Cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, and you can find equipment appraisals in the various Amazon strategy guides.

Spears: Because all spears are two-handed, you will never be able to use one with a shield.

The use of spears has a slow attack speed, but Amazons aren't too bad at it, especially when Jab and Fend are active, which increase your attack rate. Despite the fact that Spearazons are much less popular than Bowazons or Javazons, they can be extremely powerful during Nightmare, and they are still viable and enjoyable to play in Hell. Another disadvantage of spears, including the Amazon-specific types, is their generally low durability, which means that they will need to be repaired on a fairly regular basis, which can be annoying. Aside from that, keep an eye out for the Fend bug: when using the skill Fend, if something triggers your amazon's dodge/avoid/evade skills, all subsequent Fend attacks will miss, but you will be able to continue the Fend until the attack is completed.

Keep in mind that her passive skills in the aptly-named 'Passive & Magic' tree will benefit the skills she chooses from this tree in addition to her active skills.

For a Javazon or Spearazon, the fastest way to kill a single target is to use Jab in conjunction with a large amount of crushing blow to reduce the enemy's hit points by a percentage with each strike, or to use the Charged Strike skill to hit with multiple charged bolts for a large amount of damage per bolt. The fact that you will be in melee range while you bring them down makes this a potentially dangerous endeavor to undertake.

When using javelins or the Amazon class-specific spears, it's important to consider the damage bonuses available. Regular javelins are a nice addition. Damage per point of each stat is increased by 75%, while Amazon-class-specific javelins and spears increase damage by 80% from strength and 50% from dexterity. Aside from that, most other melee weapons deal only 1% damage per point of strength, with no damage bonus from dexterity to speak of. This means that you can increase bonus damage by increasing both the strength and dexterity of your Spearazons, but each individual stat point will result in less damage than you would get with a normal spear, such as a Pike or Lance, as a result. Overall, dexterity is a more valuable attribute to have than strength because it increases your Attack Rating, Defense Rating, and blocking, whereas strength only increases damage (and helps you meet item requirements).

Magical and Passive

This tree was originally known as the 'Healing, Movement, and Repair' tree, but as the skills evolved, Blizzard changed the name to more accurately reflect the collection of abilities and spells contained within it.

It is possible to learn six passive skills from this tree, the majority of which are highly recommended for nearly every type of Amazon play. The three defensive skills, Dodge, Avoid, and Evade, are all excellent for reducing the number of times you are hit, and they are especially useful to Bowazons, who do not have a shield to assist them in defending against attacks. Critical Strike Clvl 1 and Penetrate Clvl 18 are both extremely useful for all types of Amazons, increasing both damage and accuracy, and Pierce Clvl 30 is an absolute must-have for any projectile-launching Amazon, regardless of whether javelins or arrows/bolts are the projectiles of choice.

Despite the fact that the Necromancer has complete control over the summoning and control areas of the game, the Amazon has two minion skills of her own. Decoy (Clvl 24) and Valkyrie (Clvl 30) are two of the most powerful characters in the game. Both will relieve some of the pressure on the Amazon, but only Valkyrie is capable of inflicting damage on her adversaries and is more mobile and long-lasting.

The majority of the skills in this tree have "diminishing returns," which means that they increase quickly with the first few points you put in, but then add less and less bonus as you progress through the levels of the tree. Despite this, some of them are still well worth multiple points because, with some skills, even an additional percent or two can make a significant difference.

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