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Protocast is comprised of a zinc die-cast base plate that has been finished with mechanical precision machining and is intended for use as a prototype.

Designed for use in automobiles, the base plate is made of die-cast zinc alloy. It has the function of stabilizing the antenna, which is shaped like a shark fin and mounted on a car. Antennas for automobiles have advanced significantly in recent years.
When it came to radio reception in automobiles, the traditional rod antenna was used. If you wanted something a little more restricted, you could also go with the automatic version of the program. When the radio was turned on, the antenna on the exclusive version of the radio automatically expanded.

It is now possible to have a shorter design due to advancements in receiving technology. The use of so-called shark fins as a packing material for the antenna is one option. There are also antennas that can be completely hidden, but for aesthetic reasons, elevations in the shape of shark fins are preferred over other shapes. In addition to standard radio reception capabilities, the small receivers are capable of receiving mobile radio and navigation signals. Shark fins are featured on the Volkswagen T5 model.

Characteristics of the Material

It is the process of pressing a liquid zinc alloy mixture into a die casting mold that is known as zinc die casting. This is accomplished under duress and at a high rate of speed, as described above. The precise [color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]zinc die casting[/color] process used by Protocast imparts unique material properties to the base plate, including:

Precision and repeatability in the dimensions of resilience and hardness are important considerations.

a person's ability to withstand corrosion

Low raw material costs are a major advantage.

Zinc's versatility is enhanced by the use of modern die casting. A widely used method in the automobile industry due to its high stability and capacity for mass production, zinc die casting is becoming increasingly popular.

Mechanical means are used in the processing.
The zinc die casting technique, which Protocast currently employs to produce its zinc die cast parts and base plate, is capable of producing parts with high precision, but mechanical rework is occasionally required. If you need to insert small holes or hold extremely tight tolerances, this is especially true in this case.

As a result, mechanical processing gives the component the finishing touch that it needs to be successful. Mechanical processing ensures that the planned casting meets or exceeds all of the specifications that have been established. This results in the production of a part with a high degree of precision.

Quality Assurance and Management

Protocast places a high value on the control of quality. This is demonstrated by the combination of high-quality machines and the necessary expertise of the company's employees. In addition to zinc die casting, Protocast has extensive experience in die casting other alloys such as aluminum and magnesium, as well as other metals such as bronze.

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