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Look no further than this guide to the best classes and builds in D2R items for sale! Even though  has received a shiny new remaster, the gameplay will be very familiar to long-time fans of the series. Although the game's complex character progression may appear overwhelming to those who are playing for the first time, it is not impossible to master. Your choice of class, as well as the skill(s) you develop around that class, serve as the foundations of your experience in the game. Each of Diablo 2's seven classes has its own set of talent trees, which grant you new abilities while also defining your approach to the game as a whole.

Among the classes in Diablo 2: Resurrection, the Paladin is the best.

The legendary Hammerdin build is widely regarded as the best all-around build in Diablo 2, according to some. This build makes use of the Blessed Hammer skill, which allows the Paladin to hurl magical hammers that spiral out around him or her. Hammerdin can easily clear monster packs and deal with bosses, and he is very good at it. Furthermore, the build has enough space to pick up max block and stack magic find for effective endgame farming, if desired. Whatever your endgame objectives are, Hammerdin is capable of achieving them.

Smite redirects a portion of your power away from clear speed and toward single-target damage instead. Because of this, Smite Paladin is one of the best (if not the best) characters in D2R items when it comes to boss killing. It is one of the best possible choices if you prefer farming bosses to farming mob packs, which is something that many people do. With endgame gear, you'll be able to wipe out bosses on Hell difficulty and be nearly unkillable on normal difficulty. Smite Paladin is an excellent choice if you want to rack up a large number of Baal kills.

Sorceress is a female magician.

Because of this, the Sorceress has remained one of the most popular classes in Diablo 2 for over a decade, and with good reason. This is the most traditional spellcaster in Diablo 2, as well as the most powerful. Sorceress has a plethora of top-tier endgame farming builds available to her. In addition, she possesses the most powerful early-game boss-killing ability in the game, Static Field, which reduces enemy health by 25% during combat. To farm bosses with ease, static field a boss down to 1 HP and then hit them with any other ability once to finish them off. You'll also have access to Teleport, which is the most powerful movement ability in the game. Once you've reached Hell, the two main ice builds are your best bet for surviving there.

The Frozen Orb spell fires an icy orb that spits out icicle spears in a nova pattern as it moves around the battlefield. It's a fantastic spell for clearing out packs because you can cast it while still moving around while the orb blasts enemies. One of the most powerful builds in Diablo 2: Resurrection in terms of raw magic-find mob farming potential, this is one of the most powerful builds available.

A blizzard is forecast.

Known as a classic spell that appears in every Blizzard fantasy property (and it's no surprise), Blizzard is a more focused single-target alternative to the more general-purpose Frozen Orb. While you won't be able to run and gun as effectively with Blizzard, you will be able to put bosses on ice much faster. This is similar to the top two Paladin builds in that it boils down to personal preference in terms of playstyle. If you prefer something a little warmer, the Fire and Lightning talent trees have plenty of options for you.

Cold Mastery, Frost Nova, Glacial Spike, and Blizzard are the skills that can be upgraded to their maximum level.

Necromancer is a type of necromancer.

Summoner is a term used to refer to a person who summons something.

The most common Necromancer summoner build focuses on spooky skeletons, which is why it is so popular. Increase the effectiveness of Raise Skeleton and supplement with various Golems and Auras. If you want another button to press, you can add Corpse Explosion to the mix as well. The majority of the time, this build allows you to sit back and enjoy the show. Even though it is a playstyle that is not for everyone, if summoning is something you enjoy doing, this is the build for you!

Poison Nova/Corpse Explosion is a fantastic choice for a caster-oriented build that is distinct from Sorceress in terms of theme and mechanics. Cast Poison Nova, wait for the poisons to take effect until a mob dies, then use a series of Corpse Explosions to completely destroy the group. Unlike Summoner, this is a more active, multi-button build that makes for a more engaging clear than the latter. Just keep in mind that there will be no corpses lying around during boss fights, so you'll have to rely on Poison Nova to help you out. Though not much of a boss farmer, you can farm standard mobs with the bare minimum of equipment. A character like Corpse Explosion Necromancer, who is similar to its Path of Exile counterpart in Detonate Dead, is an excellent choice for a ladder reset.

The best Amazon builds are a little more difficult to get started with than Sorceress or Necromancer, but they scale extremely well. Amazon is a ranged attack specialist who employs physical or elemental bow and javelin abilities to deliver physical or elemental blows. You will, however, have to deal with the game's ammo mechanics, which can be a hassle for some players. Amazon builds, on the other hand, can be extremely powerful if you don't mind the hassle.

Javazon is a slang term for Javazon.

The classic Lightning Javelin Amazon build requires a significantly higher number of skill points to fully activate than many of the other builds on this list. However, once you get started, you will be able to annihilate any target in the game. Upon completion of your investment, your lightning javelins will split on impact and fire off-chain lightning, destroying monster packs in their tracks. Javazon is one of the most versatile endgame builds available in Diablo 2: Resurrection, thanks to his high single target damage and a wide range of abilities.

Amazon offers a number of different bow configurations that vary considerably. You really can't go wrong with any of your options, but Strafe is one of the simplest skills to set up and play with. This attack fires a burst of arrows that automatically target enemies in the immediate vicinity. With the auto-targeting feature, you can quickly clear packs or unleash a volley of arrows on a boss in one shot. Some versions of the game also make use of the Valkyrie summon to assist your Mercenaries in doing damage for you. If you prefer elemental skills, Freezing Arrow can be a powerful addition to your arsenal.

Druid is a magical practitioner.

Tornado is a fantastic skill for farming when you only have a few pieces of equipment. To be honest, it pretty much does exactly what you'd expect; it releases an array of tornadoes that whirl your enemies away. Also included is the Cyclone Armor skill, which acts as a protective shield against elemental damage. Increasing your defenses without the use of high-end equipment is a huge advantage, especially on hardcore.

Druid of the Bear

Would you like to be a bear? In Diablo 2, you have the ability to do so. It is possible to transform into a bear and maul your enemies with fiery claws if you have the Werebear skill. This build is a little out of the box, but it is absolutely capable of performing at a high level. In addition, you get to play the role of a bear. Is there anything else I can say?

Werebear, Lycanthropy, Fire Claws, and Firestorm are all at their maximum levels.

A Assassin is someone who assassinates people.

Even though the Assassin is geared more towards PvP in Diablo 2 than PvE (or PvM, as Diablo fans refer to it), she still has some excellent builds for getting through the campaign. Trap builds and martial arts builds, also known as Kicksins, are the two most common types of assassin builds. If you want to mix up your playstyles, there are hybrid builds available as well. Traps are throwables that are designed to be used in a hit-and-run situation, whereas Kicksins are more up close and personal.

Trap builds are more likely to include multiple trap skills because they have synergistic buffs that increase your overall power. In most cases, however, you'll only use one of them as your primary damage ability, and you'll invest in the other traps purely for their synergies. Death Sentry is one of the best options for a primary trap in the game. It attacks your enemies with bolts of lightning, then explodes their corpses upon death, causing damage to other nearby mobs in the process. The corpse explosion provides excellent clear speeds and aids in the build's ability to function with minimal equipment.

Kicking the Dragon Talon

Dragon Talon, Phoenix Strike, and Death Sentry are all at their maximum levels.

The Barbarian is your traditional melee fighter, swinging his dual swords all over the place as he battles his opponents. Barbarians use Warcries to buff themselves before tearing their opponents apart with melee attacks. Barbarian's best builds, on the other hand, require a significant amount of equipment to get started, so be warned that this is not the most beginner or ladder reset friendly class. Barbarian, on the other hand, provides a large amount of space for min-maxing and other activities.

The Whirlwind Barbarian is one of the most iconic builds in Diablo 2, as it glides around the battlefield, spinning like a human blender through the heart of monster packs. Anyone who has played Cyclone in Path of Exile or Whirlwind Barbarian in Diablo 3 will be immediately at ease with this character. This build is excellent for all aspects of Diablo 2, but it requires a significant amount of mana leech to keep your Whirlwind running. Although Whirlwind is a popular choice among many Diablo players, it is recommended that you save it for your second or third character due to the high level of equipment required.

Whirlwind, Sword Mastery, Battle Orders, and Shout are all at their maximum levels.

It is a dual-wield only attack that accelerates the speed of the player's attack after every successful hit. Once you get your engine revved up, you'll annihilate your opponents. Despite the fact that the area of effect is smaller than Whirlwind, Frenzy deals some of the most devastating single-target damage in Diablo 2. As a result, while killing packs takes an extra second, Frenzy makes up for it by giving himself a massive movement speed buff. It is recommended that you use Frenzy if you enjoy zooming around on the map.

Frenzy, Sword Mastery, Battle Orders, Double Swing, and Taunt are all at their maximum levels.

That brings us to the conclusion of our look at the best builds and classes in Diablo 2:I've been resurrected! You're now prepared to select a build that best suits your personal preferences and successfully push through Hell difficulty. We've got a breakdown of Diablo 2's Runeword system for those who aren't familiar with it, as well as a guide to some of the best farming spots in Hell difficulty if you're looking for something a little more challenging. You can even find a guide to the secret cow level on our website!

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