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Unless you inspect your Metal roof on a regular basis, you're not alone in this practice. The majority of homeowners do not, and they may later come to regret their decision when they discover water that has been seeping in for months.

We understand that the last thing you want to deal with is additional home maintenance tasks, so we've made it simple:

Make sure your Metal roof is prepared for winter once a year, when you switch your HVAC system from cooling to heating. Metal roofing types will only take you 30 minutes to complete this task.

This method has several advantages: you will not forget, you will know that your Metal roofing is in good condition to last through the winter, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

Should You Perform Your Own Metal Metal roofing shingles Inspection?

Let's be clear: we never recommend that you climb onto a Metal roofing types on your own. A lot of the tasks on the following two checklists can be completed from the ground or from the top of a ladder, depending on your skill level. Taking a walk on your stone coated steel roofing can cause damage to the shingles, and there is always the possibility of serious injury or death if you fall off. We recommend that you conduct a visual inspection from the ground or from the top of a ladder before proceeding.

The purpose of your visual inspection is straightforward: do you notice any issues? If this is the case, you should schedule a free professional White metal roof inspection.

Follow the Metal roofing Maintenance Tips in the following section if you want to do a visual inspection from the ground or from a ladder.

We know you're out there somewhere, Evil Kenevil, but if you're going to get on the Metal roofing panels yourself, you'll want to make sure you follow the Metal Metal roofing types shingles Maintenance Checklist that we've included at the end of this post.

Please keep in mind that if you are unfamiliar with any of these terms, we have a handy Glossary of Roofing Terms that you can refer to!

Metal roofing panels Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

We regret that we are unable to recommend that you climb onto your own White metal roof. Following your visual inspection, if you want to perform your own yearly Metal Metal roofing colors shingles maintenance, here's a list of items to consider:

Remove any loose debris, leaves, twigs, and branches that have accumulated on the Metal roofing types's surface, including icicles.

Edges: clean out your gutters, especially if you live in an area with many deciduous trees.(If you want to make this chore a little easier, we recommend installing gutter guards, at the very least in the areas where the most debris accumulates.)

Moss and mold: Although this is less common in hot and sunny Texas, if you notice moss and mold on your stone coated steel roofing shingles, you should clean it off with a soft brush and a mild cleaner.

WARNING: Never use a power washer or any kind of stiff brush on your shingles because this could remove the protective granules that keep them from rotting. The asphalt beneath begins to degrade as soon as those granules are gone under the influence of the sun's ultraviolet light, resulting in weak spots, cracks, and curling.

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