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While there is even more about NBA 2K21 to discover, I feel that this is a good primer on what you may expect from the new version of the sport, but I figure the remaining question here comes down to how this title is delivered on each the next-gen systems. Well, the good thing is that they're almost identical visually. PS5 and Series X both offer a full native 4K demonstration - it looks super crisp on both systems and all visuals appear exactly the same between these. The PS4 Pro version which I used for last-gen testing, by the way, also seems to operate at native 4K but obviously using reduced visual fidelity. The one difference here, predictably, is based with the Series S version. This one runs at a native 1080p instead. You get all the same next-gen visuals because it's bigger brother, just in a lower resolution.

I would say that NBA 2K21 is a really good release for consoles and far more impressive than I anticipated. While the limitations in the cartoon are still evident in points, it is the most fluid and realistic-looking basketball game I've ever noticed. Visual Concepts has established a high bar here when it comes to visual quality and this is only the beginning, really. Additionally, it is wonderful to realize that this variant is totally separate from the last-gen iteration, suggesting they're building from a new starting point. I hope we'll continue to find things improve over time and I will be fascinated to learn how other businesses like EA Sports manage the transition. FIFA 21 has only obtained its next-gen upgrade (containing Frostbite's much-vaunted hair physics, no less) and we are going to be having a look at this shortly. The significant issues which were holding The City ago seem to have been addressed. The framerates have improved and contact dunks have been nerfed. Additionally, the Mamba Mentality badge is no working properly. Among the main areas in need of attention is that the MyNBA mode.2K blew franchise style fans' heads with the concepts and reach of this revamped MyLeague Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins attribute.

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